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Board-Level Ethernet Device Server



Lantronix UDS1100-B Device Server, can quickly and easily network-enable electronic equipment with a serial interface so it can be remotely accessed and controlled over the Net. This flexible product is designed to be integrated with the circuit board of devices like factory machinery, security systems, heating and ventilation systems, lighting control systems and point-of-sale devices.

Building networking capability into a product can be a complex task. The UDS1100-B offers a flexible and easy-toimplement networking solution which enables OEMs to concentrate on their core competency, reduce time-tomarket and quickly increase product value.

Extending Communications Across the Globe

Using a method called ‘serial tunneling,’ the UDS1100-B encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over Ethernet. Serial tunneling can be done in multiple ways:
Easy to Set Up and Use

The built-in web server enables users to access and configure the UDS1100-B from a standard web browser. Web pages enabling the Device Server to be customized for unique applications can be built using Lantronix development tools. On-board Flash memory provides room for future system software upgrades and maintenance-free, non-volatile web page storage. The UDS1100-B can be set up locally through its serial port, or remotely using Telnet or a web browser. The Lantronix DeviceInstaller Windows-based configuration software simplifies setup and provides an easy way to:

Modem Replacement

In modem emulation mode, the UDS is used to replace dial-up modems. The unit accepts modem AT commands on the serial port. It then establishes a network connection to the end device, leveraging network connections and bandwidth to eliminate dedicated modems and phone lines.

rohs_logoRoHS-compliant, the UDS1100-B meets Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

This product is the RoHS replacement of LANTRONIX UDS-100-B !


más informaciónes

Serial Interface

Network Interface

Indicators (LED)







Ordering Information:

UD110000B-01     UDS1100 Device Server board only featuring a 10/100 (RJ45) Ethernet Interface, 1 DB25F DCE RS232/422/485 serial interface TCP/IP protocol support, Flash ROM, diagnostic LEDs,HTTP,Telnet or serial management

500-163 DB25M to DB9F serial cable
500-171-R DB25M to RS485 and power input screw terminal adapter 


descripción PDF LANTRONIX UDS1100-B Datasheet (255.9 kB)


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